We are official

OK. So now we have queued up for 2 hours at the visa office and dealt with our children’s tantrums in front of the people who decide whether we can stay or not (Tantrums: part and parcel of being anywhere in one place for longer than 10 minutes, picture the 15 hour journey, no don’t), we are officially here for at least 12 months. Therefore it is my duty to embroil you with Tales of the Expatriated, pardon the pun.

I do not speak on behalf of other expats, other Brits abroad, other mums, other women, other human beings, other fans of Corrie, other women who can shoot ping-pong balls from their foofs. I shall just be honest and tell you some of my tales, hopefully ones that entertain, but if nothing else it gives me an escape from my new world, where I have NO mates, don’t know where I’m going, constantly in a sweaty mess with kids clinging to my (sweaty legs) *you may want to talcum powder your hands first kiddiwinks, get a better grip.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

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